Top 8 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Education Technology

Top 8 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Education Technology

With the exploding popularity of educational technology and the online crowd of class fanatics, coder-turned-coders, and mobile learning experts, Twitter is quickly becoming one of the richest sources for gathering tips and tricks for classes. But for busy educators, time is of the essence, and spending hours scrolling through search terms to find the right people to follow can be both frustrating and inefficient. Not to mention that following too many accounts can leave a feed so heavy that you miss countless tweets as they blow through the fray.

To save you time and energy, we’ve scoured Twitter for the 10 best educators to follow with amazing up-to-date news, resources, and advice on educational technology. In no particular order (Follow All!), I’m happy to introduce you.

1. Shelly S Terrell–@ShellTerrell

Shelley is one of the top educators on Twitter and tweets a fantastic stream of new resources for bringing technology into the classroom. As an expert in global educational webinars and collaborations, one of the most direct ways to join is to connect with other like-minded educators around the world. He’s also part of the brilliant team of Tweeters @TheConsulantsE, which is worth following for great tips on subject teacher training.

2. Steven W. Anderson – @web20classroom

As co-creator of the phenomenally successful #edchat concept, Stephen has firmly cemented his position among the glittering eLearning experts on Twitter (should twitter?!). An educational speaker, blogger, and Tweet Award winner, Stephen is always at the forefront of advancements in educational technology, so following him is a surefire way to ensure you get the latest news and updates while they’re hot.

3. Larry Ferlazzo – @Larryferlazzo

We can count Larry on to be a highly productive reporter, providing a rich and diverse stream of information and resources of great practical value for practice educators. As an inner-city high school teacher, his hands-on experience is invaluable for those practicing educational technology strategies rather than simply debating their academic worth.

4. Eric Sheninger – @NMHS_Principal

Winner of the National Digital Principal Award (NASSP), Eric is a passionate and dedicated educator whose tweets are constantly providing new and exciting ideas and resources for educational technology. His tweets are often the first to introduce new ideas and are often a pioneer in online communities. Follow him to get the best ideas first.

5. Tom Whitby – @tomwhitby

Another founder of the hugely popular and successful #edchat, Tom, was a pioneer in connecting educators online by founding the LinkedIn group, Professors Using Technology. Follow him for great ideas on new ways to integrate technology into the classroom, details on a great online platform for educators, and his incredibly strong network of connections with 30,000 educators worldwide.

6. Edutopia – @edutopia

Edutopia is all about new and innovative educational ideas that actually work. Expect not only a series of important and exciting new avenues for information technology but, most importantly, research and observations on what works and what doesn’t work in actual schools. Great to find tried-and-true ideas with proven success.

7. Richard Byrne–@rmbyrne

Richard is a Google Certified speaker, writer, and teacher you can count on to bring you the best web ed-tech. He often tweets in large numbers every day and directs you to some of the best articles and the latest technology resources on the web, saving you time searching for them yourself.

8. We Are Teachers – @WeAreTeachers

This account represents a rich online community of all kinds of teachers and educators. Shared knowledge of such productive networks is invaluable and one can rest assured that there is a timely and relevant stream of news about what is happening across the class.


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