Importance Of Teachers In Students life

Importance Of Teachers In Students life

Teachers have been around as long as mankind, and while formats may change over time, their influence has remained constant and significant.

The teaching profession is one of the oldest professions. The first forms of education appeared in ancient civilizations; Evidently the oldest formal school in ancient Egypt around 2000 BC or judicial officials. In other words, the importance of education has been recognized since the dawn of human civilization.

Thanks to the transmission of knowledge, people develop from generation to generation. Imagine if every generation had to start from scratch; If there were no developed languages, there would be no laws, no electricity, no modern buildings and infrastructure, no medicine or no internet – otherwise nothing. Imagine if each generation had to create living conditions without the knowledge of the previous generation. Sounds scary. Therefore, the transfer of knowledge between people around the world is very important, and teachers play a key role in this transfer.

The role of the teacher throughout history

Throughout history, teachers have played a role in shaping the character of society, which is not surprising considering that a person’s character and personality are formed from an early age. In ancient times, the teacher had a slightly different role than today.

Teacher as a Symbol

In ancient times, teachers were considered a symbol of truth, beauty, and purity. Ancient India honored the teachers for their selfless service, high learning, and their moral and spiritual purity.


Continuous transfer of knowledge was only possible with the help of teachers and students had to depend on them because the printing press had not yet been invented and there were no books. Because of this, teachers are held in high esteem. They should be honest and moral people with a good understanding of their subject.

Teacher As Guru

The word guru comes from Sanskrit. Gu means darkness and Ru means light that drives them away, which means teacher means one who dispels the darkness of ignorance, one who leads young people to light.


Guru is the name of a spiritual teacher in Hinduism, Sikhism and Tantric Buddhism. The ancient ideal of the guru is identified with the guru who is the source of wisdom and has absolute authority. It has been associated with intellectual, spiritual, and moral qualities. Teachers are considered indispensable for their students in seeking knowledge and the path to “awakening” from dreams to reality. It is the teacher who helps students see reality as it really is.

Teacher As Advisor

The teacher advisory role is still relevant today. Throughout history, teachers have enjoyed great respect in society, and their advice to students is not limited to education, but extends to personal matters as well.


This role has been maintained to this day, but has been modified and adapted to modern times. Teachers now work with high school and college students to help them make important academic decisions that will prepare them for success in their future careers. Those who work with high school students can give advice on courses, when to take entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, how to apply to the college/university you want, how to apply for financial aid, what training program should be based on their qualifications, desire etc.

The Role Of The Teacher In Modern Times

Teachers once had a central place in the education system. However, in modern times, students have become the center of attention in the place of teachers. We now consider students’ needs, interests, preferences, ages and potential as priorities.


Teachers are no longer expected to teach every student equally. Contrary to tradition, when they were once expected to teach using the same methods used in previous generations, any deviation from traditional practice has been prevented by superiors or prohibited by various laws and regulations.


The educational process no longer involves memorizing facts. Now the process of extracting knowledge and potential from children. Teachers value the nature of students, consider their interests, encourage them to reach their full potential, and inspire them to do their best. Modern teachers are expected to encourage, advise, and sympathize with students. He quietly guides students to ask questions and come to their own conclusions.

The teacher’s attention should be more focused on the individual characteristics of each child. This is very important because America remains the most multicultural country on the planet.


Teacher As Leader

Leadership is perhaps the most important quality of modern people. Leaders connect with others and have the ability to make everyone a part of their mission. They have some amazing qualities.

Teachers should not only help students learn the subject matter, but also equip them with skills that will be useful in students’ personal lives. The teacher’s role is to produce individuals who are creative, insightful, and innovative. Teachers, as true leaders, must guide students to become leaders themselves, because leadership requires initiative and nothing great will happen unless we leave our comfort zone and step into the unknown.

Teacher As Role Model

A role model is someone who inspires and encourages us. Someone whose behavior patterns consciously or unconsciously we take and imitate. Given that children are at an age where they imitate everyone around them, usually unconsciously and therefore at a deeper level, the role of the teacher can be very important in shaping their character.

Good teachers will not just talk, they will demonstrate and illustrate. There are many examples where the behavior of a teacher has shaped the personality of his students. For example, when a teacher makes a mistake, and even the best do, they should not try to hide it from the children. Instead, they should say loud and clear that they made a mistake. By doing so, they show that one should not be afraid to make mistakes, but should accept them and learn from them. Another example is teachers who tend to only emphasize positive things, teaching children that it is better to focus on the wisdom and not give in to despair.

Teachers can also teach children to think critically through modeling. When making important decisions, teachers think hard and highlight the pros and cons of problems, and when making judgments, teachers approach every aspect with an open mind. In this way, students unconsciously adopt critical thinking and use it in the future.

Through example, teachers instill in students various moral values ​​and can instill in them qualities such as honesty, fairness, respect, dedication, and many others. This is another reason why teachers play a very important role in students’ lives.

Teacher As Motivator

The best teachers make their students see themselves as capable of doing great things. When students truly believe in their value, that belief carries over into real life.

A number of studies have demonstrated the power of belief, and teachers can indeed greatly influence the beliefs of their students. Exceptional teachers constantly encourage students and have the power to change the way they think.

As a motivator, the teacher has the task of generating student interest which is very important, because interest in learning directly affects learning success. There are several ways to keep students interested. Teachers can try to explain the learning objectives of a particular subject by explaining to children why it is important to know certain content and what benefits they can derive from it. Students become more interested once they see the benefits of studying certain content.

Another important factor in keeping students interested is that they enjoy the learning process. To be honest, there is a correlation between learning satisfaction and achieving good results.

Teacher As Guide

Choosing a career is quite a difficult decision for today’s students. They face the problem of abundance. There are so many options in this day and age that it is a real challenge to determine the path. Here too, the teacher plays an important role.

In addition to helping students determine their short-term goals, teachers are also important in terms of long-term goals. On the one hand, the teacher takes on the role of mentor and helps students to discover their hidden talents and interests. In addition, teachers help students choose a profession that suits their interests.

Teacher As Friend

The famous Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda once said: “The only true teacher is he who immediately descends to the level of the disciple and transfers his soul into the soul of the disciple, seeing through the eyes of the student and hearing through his ears and through the mind can understand his own. Such a teacher can teach and no one else can.

A friend is someone who understands us and who we can rely on. When the teacher takes on the role of a friend, learning is no longer a task but a pleasure. Students respond better to friendship than to authority. When students see their teachers as friends, they will not hesitate to express their opinions openly, which leads to mutual understanding and better relationships based on openness and trust. Such relationships have a positive effect on the mental health of students.

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