The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, like its territory and population, is very unique and diverse in its cultural and historical heritage where there are new things in every corner.

The culture here is like a colorful bouquet in which all the regions seem to play their part.

To the north are Taxila’s stupas, Buddhist monasteries and the rugged cliffs of Gilgit-Baltistan, to the south are the deserts and palaces of Bahawalpur, Mukli’s cemetery, forts like Rani Kot and the wonders of Makran. In the east there are historical cities like Lahore and the ancient Jain temples of Thar Parkar, in the west the old mansions and beautiful forts of Peshawar are also showing their spring.


In this regard, managing the historical and cultural heritage of this unique country is not an easy task. In order to preserve the culture of these areas, beautiful museums have been set up in different cities of Pakistan where archeological and historical relics have been preserved. They have preserved artifacts in the fields of science and art, heritage, culture, civilization and evolution.

In this article we will learn about the 10 largest museums in Pakistan, and also find out in which it is located.




1. Lahore Museum




Pakistan’s largest museum is lahore.It would not be wrong to call this museum of Pakistan the richest and largest museum in Pakistan. This museum has carried the burden of civilizations all over Pakistan on its feeble shoulders. The museum houses artifacts from the Gandhara Mughal and Sikh eras. Includes woodwork, painters’ artwork and others that belong to the Mughal, Sikh and British eras. Coins and photographs kept here are a national asset.

The most unique thing about this museum is that it has artefacts brought from other countries.

These include Burma, Bhutan,Nepal, the Middle East, Central Asia, and some countries in Africa.These things have added to the importance of this museum.

If we are talking about the ancient civilization of the Indus River, then here is the place for the masterpieces discovered from Mohenjo-daro and harappa. Small clay stones, jewelry, coins and toys are included.

The photo gallery contains the largest collection of the subcontinent, collected in the early twentieth century.It contains about a thousand small photographs that date from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century.Among them is a collection of Persian Mughal Rajputs is related to watching.

2. National Museum of Pakistan

The second largest museum in Pakistan is the National Museum of Pakistan.Karachi’s Rep Zone is a museum of archeology, especially the rare and rare collection of the Guara civilization. The museum was built in 1950 in Karachi’s fere Haal, which is a historic building in itself.

The museum was moved to its present building in 1907.Back then, there were only four galleries. Which increased to eleven over time. The most unique gallery here is the Quran Gallery. In which 300 copies of Holy Quran are kept. They also include some prescriptions that are very rare. The other galleries house Mehran Valley Civilization, Gandhara Civilization, masterpieces of painting, ancient coins and documents of the State of Pakistan. A large number of sculptures can be seen in the museum.


Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s pen, buttons and sword, Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s personal chair and pen, Liaquat Ali Khan’s perfume bottle and knife areput on display.

3. Peshawar Museum

The Peshawar Museum is the third largest museum in Pakistan and the largest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Which is the trustee of Gandhara’s splendor and ancient civilization.The Peshawar Museum built in 1907 in the style of Victoria Hall in memory of the British Queen.It will later be transformed into a beautiful two-story building,Which was considered a beautiful building of Mughal, Hindu and British style.The museum has the largest and most important collection of Gandhara art in the world.Antiquities include Buddha statues, various shapes, court scenes, ornaments and wooden boxes.The main gallery includes stories before and after the birth of the Buddha, his miracles and ways of worship, etc, Which is engraved on different stones.Here there is a statue of Bautam Buddha which is said to be that the largest discovered statue in the world.These artifacts have been brought here by excavated  in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.These include Atmanzai, Haripur, Shah Ji’s Dairy, Charsadda, Jamal Garhi, Bala Hisar etc.

The Peshawar Museum Islamic Gallery is rich in accessories.

4.Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi

Mahata Palace is a very beautiful museum located in Pakistan.It was purchased by the Sindh government in 1995 to be converted into an art-related museum.The museum showcases aspects of Pakistan’s culture and art.


5.Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Islamabad


 Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Islamabad It is a museum of history and culture, Which is located on Shakir Parveen Hills in Islamabad.It is also known as folk heritage museum, which is located in the capital city, Islamabad.The museum has several buildings as well as an outdoor museum.In which three thousand visitors can go at a time.There are many exhibitions in the folk heritage that showcase our living culture. If you are visiting for the first time , then if you want to know about the culture and traditions in Pakistan this place will guide you about everything.

6.Pakistan Air Force Museum, karachi

Pakistan Air Force Museum is, as the name suggests, a museum of the Air force. Aircraft, weapons, radars and other equipment that belong to the Air Force are displayed here. This Museum is also displayed in Karachi and was established in 1990. This is one of the largest museums in Pakistan, stocking aircraft. Apart from this, there is an amusement park for families with entertaining rides and activities. It also has a convention center and a huge ground for hosting events. 


7.Pakistan Railway Heritage Museum

Pakistan Railway Museum Golra Sharif Railway Museum was established in October 2003. From the beginning of the railway in the subcontinent to the British monument is present here which reflects the creation of this museum.This museum consists of three houses in which samples of the history of the railway over a period of more than one half   hundred years are presented.

8.Army Museum Lahore

Army Museum Lahore The Army Museum was inaugurated by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa on August 13, 2017 and opened to the public a month later.In which the history and heritage of Pakistan is shown.These include Nishan-e-Haider Gallery, Kashmir Corner, Pakistan’s contribution and united Stations.

9.Taxila Museum

Taxila Museum Punjab is located in Pakistan.The museum has a remarkable collection of Gandhara art. Most of the artifacts have been excavated from the ruins of ancient Taxila. The Taxila Museum has more than 4,000 items.In which stone stoko , teracota, silver, gold and iron are included.

10.State Bank of pakistan Museum, Karachi

The State Bank of Pakistan Museum was established in 2004. It is the first Military Museum in Pakistan.The present State Bank of Pakistan Museum and Art Gallery was the first building of the imperial Bank of India to be constructed by the British Government in the 1920s.

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